Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Tableland Mountains and Rocky Harbour - a visual treat.

After a delicious meal of Cod Tongues at the Seaside Restaurant in Trout River, I headed back through the Tableland Mountains. The scenery is so stunning. On one side of the road is this lush vegetation and on the other, these odd colored mountains.

Heavily forested NewfoundlandThe Mountain View at forest

Newfoundland is noted for it's heavily forested areas and the stark contrast in the Tableland Mountains is caused by the ultramafic rock - peridotite - which makes up the Tablelands. 

Thought to originate in the earth's mantle and forced up from the depths during a plate collision several hundred million years ago, the peridotite lacks the nutrients required to sustain most plant life, hence its barren appearance. The rock is very low in calcium and very high in magnesium, it also has a toxic amount of heavy metals. Peridotite is high in iron, which accounts for its brownish colour.
Waterfalls coming down the mountain,
Waterfalls coming down the mountain, an odd visual considering the starkness of the Tablelands

After marveling at the stark and haunting beauty of the Tablelands, it was time for the scenic ride to Rocky Harbour...

I stopped in Woody Point for fuel and the gentleman who runs the station came out to make sure that I knew he only had regular gas to offer.  I thanked him and expressed that I carry Amsoil Octane Boost with me and that regular gas was just fine. I thought his consideration of a rider's needs to be absolutely wonderful.  

I headed towards Rocky Harbour marvelling at the varied beauty of the landscape. The wonderful rolling hills and sweeping curves accompanied the lush scenery and the glimpses of water.

As I entered Rocky Harbour, there was no question in my mind how this community got it's name.
Rocky Harbour is the largest community in Gros Morne National Park and is filled with opportunities to explore Newfoundland's culture and heritage.
The Sun Set

I was to stay at the Ocean View Hotel and take in the Anchors Aweigh show. 
Ocean View Hotel

I got settled into my room and went downstairs to get my ticket.  I was in for a treat and a half!

The Anchors Aweigh band is comprised of highly talented musicians who will keep your toes tapping and have you laughing so hard that tears are rolling and your belly hurts! They are a traditional Newfoundland band that gives you a true taste of the humour and culture that Newfoundland has to offer.

talented musiciansTalented musicians

Musicians Playing Guitar

I have never enjoyed a show so much. I encourage you to take this show in. 

You can find out more about how to get tickets for the show by visiting:

In the morning I had breakfast and then took in the Lighthouse tour at Lobster Cove just a few minutes outside of Rocky Harbour and I will share that experience with you next time...

Ocean View Hotel
Toll Free: 1 (800) 563 9887
Phone: (709) 458 2730/2967

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