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La Scie

The next stop on my Newfoundland adventure was La Scie - a French name for "The Saw" as the mountains around La Scie resemble a saw's teeth.

Outport Museum & Tea RoomUsed by the Basque fisherman, La Scie was founded in about 1504 as part of the French Shore and approximately 1,200 people call this lovely harbour town home. in 1904 the French quit fishing here and the English settled the region.

I stopped in at the Outport Museum & Tea Room.

One of the first things about this home museum and catches your heart and imagination is the 16th century Basque fishing boat - Chaloupe / Hendaia that rests out front.
Basque fishing boatBasque fishing boat

It's workmanship is amazing and makes you eager to go inside and see what else is on hand.
I walked up the driveway and stepped into the early 1,900's.

Larry is in the black shirt
Larry is in the black shirt facing the camera..


Inside I was greeted by owner Larry Whalen.
This charming man took me through his family home that is crammed full of regional memoriabilia.


He spoke with great pride of the building of the replica Basque fishing boat and the pride he felt sailing her.

He told me the tale of the Irishman named Daniel Duggan who took care of the French fishers gear in the winter time.

He explained that the French would head back to France to see their loved ones and get prepared for the next fishing season and the British would take advantage of their absence and so Mr. Duggan was hired! Larry urged me to go to the cemetery, which I would do later.

An old cchordian
An old cchordian
           lounger with a gorgeous old violin
A lounger with a gorgeous old violin and
other family heirlooms

 spinning wheel
A spinning wheel

A harpsicord
A harpsicord
Miners Memorabilia
Miners Memorabilia
Mining Company Money
Mining Company Money
Cannon Balls
Cannon Balls that had be retrieved from the bay
old pot bellied stove
An old pot bellied stove
Some of the rocks that are mined from the LaScie area
Some of the rocks that are mined from the LaScie area

 Old RCA Battery operated Radio
An Old RCA Battery operated Radio - see info card below
 Old RCA Battery
Yes, this place is filled with the rich history of La Scie and it is so worth your time and a few dollars to tour the museum.

After the tour, I sat down in the wonderful little bistro that is in the front of the museum. Complete with a gorgeous outdoor eating area, this small bistro offers up some wonderful traditional fare and is run by Larry's wife. If I recall correctly her name is Valerie.  (I seemed to have misplaced my notes!)

Anyway, this lovely woman served me a delicious meal that was comprised of a few veggies, a fish cake and a shell filled with Crab Au Gratin, along with a dinner bun.

It was far more filling than what it appeared to be!
After the meal, I was served up some pie which is made from a local berry - Partridge Berry!
Her crust was light and the berries were not too sweet, it was a delightful way to end a meal!

From the period costumes worn by the staff in the tea room to the magnificent view off of the deck, you will be absolutely thrilled with the history, culture, food and views.

For more information on the Outport Museum & Tea Room visit:

Water Street
La Scie, NL A0K 3M0
Phone: (709) 675-2720

After my wonderful supper, I took Larry's advice and rode to the Duggan Family Cemetery.

Petit Nord
Duggan family historic information
Historical information on the Duggan family
and their role in law & order in LaScie
The regionl Map
The regionl Map

Some of the headstones are so old and weathered you can barely read them, but the insight into this family is immense.

While at the Duggan Cemetery, I decided to go investigate what was happening in the harbour.
A salt ship from Quebec was in delivering the winter's salt supplies to the Department of Transportation and I spent some time watching the trucks enter the ship, be filled and leave.

There are a lot of different fishing vessels here, they fish for crab, lobster and cod in these waters.
LaScie is a very picturesque community
LaScie is a very picturesque community
After visiting that side of the community, it was time to head to Mom's Place B & B and check into my room.

I was greeted by Blanche Perry who runs the place for her daughter, Tina.  
The place is WONDERFUL.

With private baths and TV's in every room and a common area that is warm and inviting, I knew I would feel right at home here.
parking for your bike
Covered parking for your bike 
Sitting Area
Blanche Perry
Blanche Perry
view from the back deck
The view from the back deck 
Double rooms
                               One of the double rooms                                          
Every room has a private bath
Nice sized cabintes to stash coats and clothes
 Newfoundland Wreath
                  A Newfoundland Wreath            
Big open kitchen
A big open kitchen, perfect for visiting and sharing great meals
Tina - the owner
Tina - the owner
Tina is a passionate owner, she wants people to truly enjoy their stay. 
She grilled me for a good hour on the things she could do with her B & B to make it more rider friendly. Tina purchased the B & B 2 years ago and has been upgrading and working on improving everything from the bedding to the feel.  She has done a fantastic job.
A hearty breakfast - there was ample bacon and fruit to go with the eggs and toast,
 and the homemade preserves were delicious!
Blanche is a character.  She LOVES to help people and is probably one of the best suited people for running a B & B like this that I have ever met. (She's a good cook on top of it all!)

After I had checked in and gotten the grand tour, I took off on the bike up to the lookout which is lovingly refered to by the locals as Liars Lookout.

There are walking trails all over the place and the views are magnificent.

 Quebec ship
I watched the Quebec ship being unloaded of all it's salt from the Liars Lookout for a while.

The next morning I went exploring some more and took a different set of trails.
I have not walked this much in a long time! The place screams at you to be explored!
It was an overcast morning, but the temperature was perfect for walking.

Intriguing house on the other side of the bay
The view of an intriguing house on the other side of the bay. 
Magnificent craggy shore lines
Magnificent craggy shore lines abound

Beautiful beaches are to be found along the shore often hidden and fairly secluded, but accessible if you are willing to walk.

There are waterfalls all over the region
 There are waterfalls all over the region
 All of the trails have information podiums.
The Cave
I wonder what's in that cave over there.
Between Blanche's hospitality and good food and the beauty of this place, I really did not want to leave, but I was being offered the opportunity to see Nippers Harbour in a very personal way - with Blanche agreeing to be my tour guide and I couldn't wait!

To find out more about Mom's Place Bed & Breakfast:
Phone: (709) 532-7096
PO Box 483, 9 Rogers' Lane
La Scie, Newfoundland A0K 3M0

Rooms are: $70.00 single, $80.00 double, $90.00 Queen $15.00 each additional person.

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